Orion is born to stand out with its stunning marble coating and sparkling insert rings. Feel textures of the soft touch handle, enjoy the effortless cooking and cleaning up with our non-stick coating and give your kitchen an instant highlight!

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FORGED ALUMINIUM FORGED ALUMINIUM Even heat distribution. Corrosion resistant

Forged Aluminium is unique in shaping a thick base, evenly enhancing heat distribution of the cookware with no hot spots.

MARBLE+ MARBLE+ Durable. Scratch resistant

Marble+ coating is an excellent non-stick layer with hardened performance. Cooking with the Marble+ coating is fun and easy, the excellent release capability will let you cook and clean efficiently.

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- Forged aluminium
- Marble+ non-stick coating
- Snake skin textured handle
- Bottom: 3.0 mm thickness
- induction

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