Professional finish!

This collection is backed by professionals and chefs, combining the best materials to use. The aluminium pans and grill, perfect for frying and grilling, reaches much faster high temperatures and retains heat longer. The pots and pans in the best of 18/10 stainless steel, perfect for cooking, has a high resistance to wear and corrosion, and also its aluminum base provides perfect heat conductivity.

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FORGED ALUMINIUM FORGED ALUMINIUM Even heat distribution. Corrosion resistant

Forged Aluminium is unique in shaping a thick base, evenly enhancing heat distribution of the cookware with no hot spots.


QuanTanium is the first and only multi-coat non-stick with Titanium. With multiple layers, it out-performs all conventional coatings on scatch, abrasion, wear resistance - giving you a coating that stands up to almost anything.

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- Forged aluminium
- Quantanium coating from Whitford
- Stay cool silicone handle
- Scratch and corrosion resistant
- Compatible bottom for all heat sources

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