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Versatile cookware easy to store

Marvel series features an innovative detachable handle design. Aside from the soft touch coating that provides a sure grip, the handles boast a curved design, crafted to ensure maximum comfort. To better store and serve with the Marvel cookware, just press the button on the edge to release and snap on, it is just that simple.

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Cast Aluminium Cast Aluminium Heat retention. Energy Saving.

Cast Aluminium can be moulded into a thick strategic shape for the best heat distribution and retention, saving you energy and giving you excellent durability.

Scratch Resistance
Heat Distribution
Corrosion Resistance
Heat Retention
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Innovative detachable handle design

The Weilburger Greblon Ceramic Coating provides a durable, PFOA & PTFE-free surface that can perform well even at extreme heat levels. Cast Aluminium Body conducts heat gently and evenly. Detachable Handle makes storage and stove-to-oven use easy.

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