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‘Marble Universe’ presents our must-have items in signature Marble Coating. Marvel at the designs and the wonderful cooking experience this non-stick coating brings!

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The universe of amazing marble surfaces

The range comprises of press aluminium pots and pans, carbon steel bakeware, and kitchen tools all in a refined marble finish. The Marble+ non-stick coating on the pots, pans, knives and bakeware prevents food from sticking, that the cooking surfaces are easy to use and clean. Complete the range with our non-scratch multifunctional tools, and practical anti-skid cutting board.

Marble Universe image mini first
Marble Universe image mini first
  1. Handles with silicone coat for a perfect grip, stay cool during cooking
  2. Marble+ is an excellent non-stick layer with hardened performance. Cooking with the Marble+ coating is fun and easy
  3. Induction base, suitable for all heat sources
  4. Heat resistant glass lid with stay cool silicone coated knob
  5. High gloss body contrasts with matte knob and side handles