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Nothing beats black and white

Black and White -This delightfully devilish combo has never looked so chic and powerful. Although white and black isn’t exactly a new discovery, it has undergone a major transformation with introduction of new shapes and coatings. As we always say, better the devil you know than the devil you don’t! When it comes to high-impact, nothing beats black and white. Bold, a little bit mod, and always sophisticated, the black-and-white collection is a winner and great addition to any kitchen, whether you're cooking simple dinner for family or serving food to your friends.

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A winning combination

Transform your kitchen into a modern checkerboard with this fantastic Bergner collection in black and white. Pieces of contemporary design create an elegant but timeless tandem that will transform your kitchen into one of those beautiful magazine pieces.

Play with the bold contrast between black and white for a dramatic effect and on top, two tones are combined easily with other colors, their mildness suits both classic and traditional styles as well as modern and trendy decorations.